The Android operating system is known for its maximum flexibility and adaptability. For this reason, many smartphone users choose an Android device. Because Android offers the opportunity to design and customize the home screen individually. In addition to the free placement of apps, widgets allow you to bring many practical functions and important information directly to the display.

They make your smartphone look more personal and support optimally coordinated use. From the clock widget to a Google weather widget to practical to-do lists and many other helpful Android widgets, nothing exists. Movical introduce you to handy widgets that make your Android home screen more functional and explain

The Best Android Widgets For Your Smartphone

1. Spotify

If you love music, you can’t ignore Spotify. If you want to control the app immediately from your home screen, you should use Spotify as a widget. This will allow you to play, skip or pause music directly in the future without having to open the app every time. In addition, the Android widget always shows you the current title and the associated artist in miniature view. This is extremely practical, especially for podcasts on the go.

2. Overdrop

Who does not know it: At least once a day, you look at the weather app.? If you are looking for the best Google weather widgets, you have come to the right place with Overdrop. In addition to the current weather situation, with Overdrop, you also have significant additional information such as the time of day and the battery level of your Android smartphone at a glance. Overdrop thus eliminates the need to use a clock widget.

3. Bubble Cloud Widget

Fancy the look of a smartwatch on your Android smartphone? Then it would be best if you got the Bubble Cloud Widget. This gives you the option of selecting certain apps and arranging them in a cloud of round icons. These are then automatically displayed on the home screen and convey the cool look of a smartwatch. You can adjust the design and size individually.

A particular highlight: the app that you use the most grows into the most significant bubble over time. So, you always have an overview of which app you use most often. If you want, you can also specify fixed sizes and stick to the original widget design.