Wheel chocks are wedges constructed from rubber, plastic, or timber, which are developed to stop a vehicle, or isolated tire, from rolling or moving accidentally. They are likewise called wheel blocks, trailer chocks, tire chocks, or wheel stops.

A wheel chock is important due to the fact that a parking brake alone commonly isn’t adequate to keep a vehicle from rolling throughout a hauling work. It’s likewise important to stabilize tires as well as vehicles when they’re being delivered so they do not come loose as well as cause injury.

Products Utilized in Wheel Chocks

Wheel blocks can be constructed of the following materials.

  • Rubber:

Rubber is amongst the most common wheel chock product since it’s extremely sturdy as well as inexpensive. However, rubber isn’t immune to harm from exterior aspects like wind, as well as water. That’s why rubber wheel chocks are mostly utilized indoors, like in storage garages or stockrooms.

  • Polyurethane Plastic:

Polyurethane plastic is the second most usual product for a wheel chock. They’re better at resisting cuts, water damage, candid damages, as well as wind damage than rubber chocks, and they’re lighter-weight than rubber or lightweight aluminum. Yet, plastic wheel chocks are not as high-strength as steel alloy or lightweight aluminum chocks.

  • Lightweight aluminum:

Aluminum wheel chocks are sturdy, as well as can be utilized with vehicles as well as associate a high gross car operating weight. Some aluminum wheel chocks are particularly made for lasting storage space as well as can be components of a system created to place a vehicle or motorcycle.

  • Steel Alloy:

It is the strongest material and also can be made use of with the heaviest automobiles. Nonetheless, steel alloy chocks can be on the pricey side. Also, steel can be prone to corrosion, so it is necessary to invest in steel alloy chocks that have been treated or layered for rust resistance.