Since time immemorial, pearls have been admired by people. It is a beautiful jewelry piece that is used in creation of ornaments. Their soft beauty and distinctive sheen lend charm and elegance to any jewelry piece. One of the most appreciated and stunning pieces of pearl jewelry is a pearl necklace. They are a classic western accessory and the key part of an elegant wardrobe. Let us know more about pearl necklaces in detail.

Types of pearl jewelry

Pearl necklaces are available in several types depending on the pearl’s quality used in its preparation. If you are looking for an affordable necklace, then the necklace made from faux pearls will be the ideal bet for you. This necklace is made from cheaper substitutes of pearls that bear the same appearance as that of pearls.

Cultured pearls are other highly appreciated types of pearls that are quite affordable. As they are cultivated in tanks than naturally harvested, necklaces made using them are cost effective. Compared to faux pearls, they are more authentic, durable and high in quality. The most expensive, desirable and coveted form of all pearl necklaces is the one made from natural pearls that are obtained from oysters.

Attributes of a pearl necklace

Whether artificial or natural, the color, size and shape of the pearl vary a lot. The most identifiable is the pearl necklace made from off-white pearls. Another widely admired form of necklace is pink pearl necklace, which has a rosy hue and is set in gold. Grey colored pearl necklace is composed of pearls that darker shade to add a dramatic touch to the jewelry.

Metals used in making a pearl necklace

Gold and silver are the two highly prominent metals used for setting a pearl necklace. The precious appearance of these metals showcases the beauty of the pearls.


Pearls have been used for making ethnic accessories since several centuries. Pearl necklace set is very common in any Indian traditional jewelry collection. This information would equip you with a lot of essential information regarding pearl jewelry to make the right selection.