Welcome to the world of contradiction! The idea of camping out, which suggests tents and economy cooking, is in stark contrast with the idea of luxury. Well, no, not exactly. If we update our conception of camping, from tents to air-conditioned wide-berth mobile homes, and we modify our idea of luxury (exclude opulent suites in five-star hotels), we get closer to the new trend of luxury camping.

Luxury camper van hire
Doing it with a touch of luxury means doing it in all comfort. After a few days on the road, comfort is more and more appreciated. Pure comfort goes hand in hand with quality when you decide to travel in style and rent a luxury camper that will take you safely to your destination and pamper you on the way. The unusual aspect of super-luxury camping is the well-being factor: there is no roughing it, you feel relaxed and comfortable at all times.

Free as a bird
What makes a trip unusual? It can be the route chosen, the destination or the means of transport. Planes and boats and trains are part of everyday travel, whereas travelling and camping overnight in a motorhome or campervan really means getting away from it all. The absolute freedom of travelling around in a camper or caravan, on the open road, like gypsies, is felt at all levels, from basic to luxury. Setting out for an unusual destination, or a special favourite place, or a grand tour or just going where the whim takes you is the start of your adventure.

Unusual destinations
The choice of a bizarre destination is what makes a trip unusual. If you are undecided about which strange destination to choose, then have a look on the web, you can find a grand selection of weird and wonderful places to visit. Many sites have suggestions for you. For a start, check out what Reader’s Digest has to say about some of the most offbeat and outlandish destinations.

Campervan holidays in faraway places
Travelling adventures in luxury campers in America or Africa? Yes, super-adventure and super-unusual! Even in distant places, it is possible to arrange the hire of a luxury camper with no fuss and no hassle. Campervans.com is specialised in organising luxury camper van hire all over the world. Campers and motorhomes differ from country to country, and the type of tour you are planning influences the type of camper to hire. Dimensions depend on the size of the group travelling. Large luxury motorhomes can accommodate up to six people and the more basic California Coach has space for just two.

Africa with some unusual sleeping accommodation
Four-wheel-drive vehicles are recommended for travelling in Africa, particularly Namibia, Botswana, and South Aftica. You can hire any type of luxury motorhome, but to get off the beaten track, the use of 4×4 with roof accommodation is typical. The Toyota Hilux Double Cab with Rooftent or a canopy caravan can both be suitable; Tripadvisor examines these options.

As the holiday season arrives and most holiday-makers traipse south to the sun, the unusual traveller heads in the other direction: Finland, Iceland, Canada. When the summer heat beats down, these northern destinations seem most attractive. There are no luxury sleighs to hire, but there is a grand selection of campervans and motorhomes with a huge choice of dimensions. In Canada, you can go extra large with a seven-berth motorhome and, in Iceland, a more modest sleeper-car has space for two.

Unusually distant: Down Under
When you disembark in Sydney your specially reserved luxury motorhome or campervan will be waiting for you. Ready to explore the outback? Australia is a big place. Many people take advantage of the possibility to pick up a campervan in one place and drop it off in another, sometimes combining plane journeys in between. Explore the strange world beyond the Blue Mountains, full of unusual vegetation and animals. Australia’s weird attraction is a like a boomerang, pulling you back for further travel adventures.

The rest of the world
Europe, Asia, America are there, waiting to be explored. Visit them all, in comfort and style. Luxury camper van hire is operative in most countries in the world. Booking is simple, secure and straightforward. You decide your vehicle, your route, your destination, and it can all be as unusual as you want it to be. Boy yoyage.