When You Need to Change the Micron Hydraulic Filters

It is common knowledge that micron hydraulic filters need to be changed to avoid any possible contamination which can result in system failure. A clogged filter leads to contamination of the micron hydraulics system and later damage to key components of the system. It is therefore important to know the right time when you need to change the filters to avoid any system break down as explained below;

1. According to the manufacturer’s guidelines

Guidelines provided by the manufacturer are based on a calculated period that the filter needs to be changed. Such guidelines are often prepared using a fixed timetable which is often based on estimates. The disadvantage of such guidelines is that at times the filters can be overdue for change and which may compromise the working of the system.

In such a case, the changing will have been overdue and contributed to more wear. The guideline might also require changing of the filter before they are fully worn out. This means you will have wasted good micron filters before maximizing on them and deriving the full benefits.

2. By using an element condition indicator

You can also use an element condition indicator to guide you on the right time that you need to change the filters. The indicator is used to measure the pressure on the filter and once it reaches a critical level, you then need to change the filter.

In such a case, the element indicators act as a guide and alert you when the filter is due for a change. The element indicators are not only useful for alerting you when you need to change the filters but also reveal any possible failure alerts. This helps you to know of an impending failure and act accordingly.

3. By using a customized preventive maintenance plan

You can also choose to have a customized maintenance plan for changing the filters. A preventive schedule will help you manage your machines with much efficiency by minimizing wear and tear. A customized maintenance schedule is meant to act as a deterrent for any downtime by allowing timely change of the hydraulic filters. This type of plan is meant to act as a preventive measure as opposed to changing the filters when downtime has already happened. This will prevent any damage from happening.

Preventive maintenance of micron hydraulics filters prevents the clogged filter problems even before it starts and promotes better running of the hydraulic system. This will prevent hydraulic contamination which is the major cause of system failure.


Micron filters require changing at the appropriate time, this is to prevent any system break down which can lead to paralysis of the working of the systems. It is therefore important to abide by the guidelines explained above to guide you on when you need to change the hydraulic filters, learn more.
You, therefore, need to choose on the best method that you find fit to change the filters so that you can derive the best benefits from the system and have value for your money.