Things to Remeber When Hiring a Fence Contractor

For many, securing their lot with a fence is first on their to-do list. When looking for a fence contractor, be sure to research the company and the benefits it can add to the project. Work with the contractor to create a clear plan of action that is within a comfortable budget and timeline. It is vital that the homeowner and contractor are in agreement and on the same page when attacking a large project such as fencing in a property.

Getting Estimates

When considering installing a fence on their property, a homeowner should be sure to get several estimates from several different companies and contractors to ensure he or she is getting the best value and service for their money. Knowledge is always key, particularly with one’s biggest investment. For example, one can visit a fence company website such as, and it will provide a myriad of information about the company as well as any services or guarantees that the company provides. However, simply visiting does not always give an accurate picture of what a homeowner can expect from a company or contractor. Meeting face to face with a contractor that will be working on the project can provide a larger amount of detail and instill greater confidence with the homeowner. Consequently, it is imperative that a homeowner interviews potential fence contractors and knows what questions to ask.

Ask the Right Questions

Asking the right questions of a fence contractor starts with some homework. A homeowner should take an intensive survey of the land that he or she would like the fence installed on. Attention should be paid to the specifics of the terrain. Are there any large rocks, tree roots or other vegetation that may hinder the project. Would a slope or grading need to be taken into account? Knowing specifics about the site before the interview can help to avoid surprises and give peace of mind that the contractor is not trying to take advantage of the situation.


Additionally, when interviewing a fence contractor, homeowners should ask about permits and utilities. Most townships and municipalities require notification of a new structure being added to a property. Fencing is often included under this heading. Homeowners should be aware of this and inquire if a fencing contractor would be obtaining any permits for the job at hand or if the responsibility would fall on the homeowner. In addition, before any digging can take place, homeowners are required to notify their local utility providers. This may be a service provided by the fence company and the specifics of which should be discussed prior to any work taking place.


Finally, when interviewing a fence contract, a homeowner should inquire about the timeline of the project, all the materials that are included in the quote or may cost additional, and how payment will be handled. An agreement should be made of what materials will be included in the bid as well as the costs of any upgrades or add-on items that may be offered. This agreement and/or bid should also have an estimated timeline for the fence to be completed. 

Fence contractors have an obligation to notify the homeowner of any and all payment options that are available. In addition, should any changes in cost or timeline occur, contractors have a responsibility to cease work on the project and discuss the changes with the homeowner in order to receive proper approval to proceed with the project. The homeowner should always have the final say when it comes to the fence installation and all of these items should be agreed upon prior to any service being started. This interaction between contractors and homeowners will ensure transparency from the company and within the scope of work at hand.