What is cheating? You could simply define it as the act of being unfaithful or breaking your fidelity that you pledged to someone when you marry or get into a monogamous relationship with someone. However, it isn’t as simple as that. There are lots of lines and grey areas that make the concept a tricky one. Having sexual relations with someone else is the line that shouldn’t be crossed but what a bout kissing or flirting or going to the strip club? Is that cheating? Is there something like degrees of cheating or what some would call micro cheating?

When it comes to infidelity, yes, there are degrees. It comes down to intention. It’s normal to be attracted to other people, to be aroused by other people other than your partner; it becomes different when you act on those thoughts and impulses. The big part about cheating is the lying. If you feel that you have to hide certain things from your partner, then you are being disingenuous. Whether or not you act on them becomes irrelevant when the lie is uncovered and your partner finds out that you’ve been hiding the fact that you like going to strip clubs or Sandy from Accounting has been sending you pictures of her boobs.

It might all sound like harmless fun but sometimes if points to some other problem. Maybe you are in a rut and you just need to feel wanted. You just want a little confidence boost. Are you cheating by simply thinking about naked women or watching beautiful women try very hard to please you. Strip clubs and cheating is a debatable topic that is filled with lots of nuances. There is no black and white but if you really have to make a case for it then here are a couple of things you have to consider:

Would you be open about it to your partner?

Finding a “strip club near me” for you and with your pals to celebrate a bucks party might be acceptable but if you can’t even tell your partner about the wild bucks night party with your pals then you might have micro cheated. You should know your partner better than anyone and you should be able to trust your instinct on whether she should be told before or after the fact.

How does being in a strip club feel like?

Strip clubs are means to make you feel good. Do you feel anxious or worried that your partner won’t approve? Does it make you feel dirty or uncomfortable in anyway? Do you find yourself trying hard to convince yourself that it is a god idea to go to astrip club near me?”  If you feel anything but good then you have a problem. Trust your instinct before you actually set foot in a club.

What do you get up to when you are in a strip club?

A lot of what happens in strip clubs is harmless fun. Essentially, you are a voyeur someone who is simply looking at something he doesn’t necessarily want to have. Let this idea simmer in your brain. Going back to intentions: if your strip. Luv visit is a precursor to something more then you have gone over the edge and definitely cheating.