Call of Duty: Warzone has two feature modes: Battle Royale and Plunder. Battle Royale has always been a promising trend because of how enjoyable it is playing with 150 players across Verdansk. Hence Warzone is offering another alternative for this mode which gives players more choices on how to enjoy the game.

Unlike Battle Royale, Plunder’s main goal is not just about being the last team standing but also about gathering cash. The team who collects $1million first wins! Other than its goal, another difference is that there is no post-death gulag in Plunder. Once you die, you will be resurrected automatically after a period of time. However, you should keep in mind that there are a lot of players who use Warzone aimbot in this game. This type of hacking allows players to have a 100% accuracy to easily locate and shoot its target anywhere in the map. Hence, you should always be mindful in order to enjoy the game more.

How to obtain a $1million cash?

There are actually a lot of ways in gaining cash under this mode. You can either collect or protect your cash in order to reach the goal of $1million. You just need to follow these strategies to have a higher chance of winning the match.

  • Slaying you enemies automatically give you a percentage of their cash especially the high valued targets. These targets are either the leading team or teams with the most cash on hand. Hence, hunting them can really help you reach your goal faster.
  • Another way of getting cash is through completing contracts. Once you finish a contract, it then provides you massive amount of payout which is a lucrative way of earning cash.
  • Loose cash hunting can also be an effective way of obtaining currencies. Supply boxes on the ground contains cash thus, clearing them out is the easiest way of getting free monies.
  • Banks are, of course, known to have a huge storage of cash therefore robbing one can give you large amount of money. This however creates a high risk high reward situation since it can alarm other squads about their robbering tactic.
  • Protecting your cash at all costs may be hard but is very useful to keep your value intact because once you die, you may get resurrected automatically but you’d still suffer the consequence of losing a percentage of your total cash.
  • Be wary of the cash drops. Planes during the match will randomly drop a package that contains cash drops so be sure to get to that location first.
  • If you reach a certain amount of money, you will be able to have the bonus round. During this round, you will see mysterious black helicopters known as Attack Choppers that drop down a large amount of cash once destroyed. Hence you must attack them with a rocket launcher to ensure its destruction because it can also fire back down on you.
  • Depositing your cash to Cash Deposit Helipads or Balloons will serve as your piggy bank while hunting for more cash. This will help you safekeep your cash.