You are in love with concrete floors and want them in your house. They are strong, durable and can stand up to the foot traffic of your family. How hard are they to install? From mixing the concrete to laying the chicago epoxy flooring, hare a few steps that you or your contractor will follow.

Start With a Clean Slate

If you are replacing an old floor, you will need to tear the old flooring out. Once it is removed, you will need to clear the area of any extra debris so you start out with a clean area.

Layers of Protection

When you are down to the subfloor, you will lay down a thick felt paper made specifically for concrete flooring. You need to attach the barrier with steel staples and each sheet of felt should overlap. Trim away any excess with a knife until the entire floor is covered with felt.

Add Another Layer

Once the felt is down, you will need to add a metal mesh, called a lath, perpendicular to the felt. Just like the felt, it needs to be attached with the steel staples and overlap each layer. The layers should be hammered down to keep them from sticking up. The excess should be taken away with metal cutters instead of a knife.

Pour the Base Layer

Once the floor is prepped, you will need to mix the concrete so it can be poured. Choose something that you can mix it in that will be light enough to carry into your house and dump into the area. Following the instructions on the bag, you will mix the concrete and water together with a paint mixer. Once it is prepared, pour it onto the lath and smooth it out. Let it sit for almost a day to dry.

Add the Skim Coat

Once the first layer of concrete is ready, you will want to wet down the concrete to prepare it for the skim coat. Prepare the skim coat as the instructions on the package require. This is the layer that you will add the acid stain or another type of color to. Lay the second layer down thin then let it dry. Once it is ready, wet the second layer and apply a third coat to the floor. Once all of it is cured, apply a coat of epoxy sealer to protect it from stains and mold.