• Protect your cords, wires, as well as tube lines from automobile, pedestrian traffic, and sturdy tools motion
  • Ideal for conventions centers, building sites, pedestrian traffic, as well as any kind of center or event
  • Affordable service helps protect against damage caused by cord vibration, call with other heat creating tools, or just from tripping

Improve accessibility

Cable protector outdoor is supplied in a variety of products, dimensions, as well as colors to fit all sorts of applications

What to Take into consideration?

Size: The number of cords you do want to shield?

Protect 1,2,3,4, as well as 5 cables utilizing the same guard. Each slot is referred to as a “Network.”

What you require to know

Know the total diameter of your cords. See to it that your cables will suit the cable guard by picking the correct channel width, as well as elevation.

General regulation to bear in mind

Remember that as the number of networks on the guard decreases, the network height will boost.

Tons Ability: What will be going across over the cord protector?

With capabilities up to 800,000 lbs. per axle, or load that a car will place on a cord protector as they drive over them, cable guards can stand up to thousands of pounds, as well as withstand effect.

Sturdy cable guards are ideal for cars or carrying vehicles, as well as light-duty wire guards are best for light to heavy pedestrian walking, light industrial, as well as utility applications.

Connector Type: Interlocking layout for simple dismantle and configuration

Link multiple devices together to create your desired size.



  • Sturdy to basic objective applications
  • Ideal for heavy-duty devices as well as high quantity traffic
  • Oil gas, military, mining, building, production, home entertainment, as well as material handling
  • Lightweight and more long-lasting
  • Stand up to severe weather conditions


  • Universal safety and security colors are offered for all types of site traffic.
  • High exposure colors consist of: yellow, orange, black, as well as blue.

Demand Add-On?

Including accessories to your cable guards depends widely on positioning as well as the placing of your cable guard system. A lot of wire protector collections deal with accessories such as: End caps, 45 degrees left and/or ideal turns, 4 as well as 3-way cross intersections.