Carrefour Egypt Offers Oral Hygiene Toothpaste to get Protection against Sensitivity & Tarter

Do you get confused while selecting toothpaste? Do not get panic as it happens with majority of people. Presence of a lot of brands and formulas make people puzzle which toothpaste is good for their teeth. They try new formula each and every time to figure out the variation. Keep in mind, different forms of toothpaste are meant for particular teeth, conditions and even age. Always choose a fluoride based toothpaste to maintain shiny teeth. It is naturally developed mineral, present in water, soil and other food items. Fluoride is responsible for perfect oral hygiene as it offers a shield to avoid tooth decay. Moreover, fluoride works against the sensitivity of teeth caused due to emaciated enamel of teeth. While selecting toothpaste, refer Carrefour Egypt promo code for getting fluoride toothpaste on reasonable rate.

Tarter Control

Various categories of toothpaste provide dissimilar tartar control levels. If plague remains on the teeth, it causes tarter. Basically, plague is transparent sticky type that is composed of bacteria, waste and food particles that gather on the teeth to decay and develop diseases in gums. Zinc citrate or sodium pyrophosphate is present in toothpaste labeled as tarter control. Always remember, such toothpaste can give protection against tartar but cannot play their role against already developed tartar.

Whitening Toothpaste

These days, people are interested to use whitening toothpaste for pearl like teeth. They do not even know that such products have demineralization elements that increase the sensitivity in teeth and irritation in gum. Do not use whitening toothpaste until and unless the dentist refers to you.

Charcoal Toothpaste

It has become a trend to use charcoal based toothpaste. If you are making mind to bring home charcoal toothpaste, you must know that these are not suitable for daily use. Moreover, fluoride is not present in many charcoal toothpaste brands. It is noticed that such toothpaste blemish the teeth. If some products can discard the stains, they do this by damaging the enamel, causing yellow teeth with more sensitivity issues. The Carrefour Egypt promo code is activated to get the best toothpaste for all your family members.

Kids’ Teeth

You cannot give your children the same toothpaste that you are applying on your teeth. If your kid is below three years, they do not even need to apply fluoride toothpaste. If they use toothpaste, the amount should not exceed the size of rice gain. They can swallow toothpaste that can make ground for fluorosis (disease that changes the form of teeth). It is advised that kids below three years should brush teeth under the supervision of their parents.

If your kid’s age is between three to six years, provide fluoride toothpaste not more than pea size. Keep an eye to avoid swallowing the paste. In case they consume the toothpaste, give them calcium based drinks or snacks like cheese, yogurt or milk to avoid stomach upset.

Instead of relying on advertisement, understand the nature of your teeth and find the right toothpaste to protect your teeth. Keep on using Carrefour Egypt promo code for receiving oral care products on reasonable price.