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Dubai desert safari tour is one of the most famous tours that UAE has. People from all over the UAE make sure to visit the desert and enjoy this tour. The best thing about this Dubai desert safari tour is that it is so feasible and has so many fun activities for people of all ages to enjoy. The tour promises to give all their guests the amount of thrill that they have been missing out in their life. Dubai desert safari tour is highly recommended by all of the tourists who visit Dubai. So if this is your first time giving Dubai desert safari a try and you are confused to what to expect out of the tour then stay calm and continue reading to find out all that the tour has in it for you.


The main thing about the tour is that they offer great thrilling activities which are extremely fun and entertaining. The first thing is the safari ride which starts as soon as you enter the desert and this is one of the most horrifying yet an amazing experience to have. Even though while you are in the ride you might feel that you’re heart might have skipped a beat but trust me once the ride is over you will surely crave for more. If you desire on having fun at a more personal level then you should not worry as you would find quad bikes and sand boards for rental available at the tour. On the other hand, if you wish to experience the desert in the most ancient way then make sure to take time out for a fun camel ride and enjoy.

Safari camp:

The safari camp is one of the best places that the tour offers to rest and enjoy the later highlights of the tour. The camp is decorated in an Arabic way which is extremely appealing and along with the camp, you would find various stalls available from where you would be able to enjoy getting a free henna tattoo, smoke a sheesha and get yourself a souvenir to take back home. While you are done exploring all the different stalls make sure to find a comfortable spot where you can sit and enjoy the amazing sunset and also enjoy all that the tour has in for you. One suggestion is that while you plan your trip then make sure that you choose a time which includes the sunsets as these are one of the most beautiful sights ever.

Buffet-dinner and entertainment:

The camp also makes sure to take off your hunger during the tour so you do not need to pack extra food. The camp offers a lavish dinner which comprises of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options. The food is delicious and you would be able to find almost all that you desire to have. On the other hand, the tours are quite incomplete without the belly-dances and tenoura dances which are the two prominent entertainment features of the tour.

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