How would you describe the international gallerist, Pearl Lam? Confining her into a single category of being the owner of Pearl Lam Galleries, and as the owner, she flipped the concept of contemporary Chinese and Asian art on its head as perceived by the West, would be a grave injustice. Pearl Lam is a rebel, maverick, disrupter, fashion icon, well-known female icon, and entrepreneur who is now wearing the hat of a podcast presenter. But once again, the question remains: is that all to the famous Pearl Lam, who in a way rules the room with her petite figure, unique bold dresses, chunky bangles, and distinctive purple bob? The answer is still not complete because Pearl Lam is more than all these. 

Viewing Different Facets Of International Gallerist Pearl Lam 
Despite coming from a family that was into real estate tycoons and her father being against Pearl Lam becoming a gallerist, with her first exhibition in 1993, Lam felt alive. According to the international gallerist Pearl Lam, she no longer felt like a zombie. But the road was long and hard for Lam to achieve the status of becoming the most recognisable gallerist in the world. Pearl Lam is an individual who proudly wears multiple hats, and one of them is being an entrepreneur. Knowing the struggles that an individual has to undergo to establish herself as a non-conventional one, Lam is always on the lookout for art and artists who do not conform to normativity. 

As an international gallerist, Pearl Lam likes to disrupt the existing, predominant art culture, hence finding artists who speak the international language through art, break the barriers, and yet be relevant in society. She champions artists who are eager to break the mould and cross boundaries, and as Lam herself states, she wants to represent them as her rock stars. 
When an entrepreneur presents a rockstar, they know they have to take a backseat when needed. Maybe this is one of the reasons why, when Lam is showing her artists in an exhibition, one will find her wearing muted colours so that the focus is on the artist and the work and not her. Other times, you will see her commanding the room with vibrant attire. 

One of the exclusive facets of international gallerist Pearl Lam is that she loves to walk against the current. For instance, she would love to wear Dior if everyone else was not wearing it. Lam loves collecting luxury items like dresses and bags as art pieces. Pearl Lam’s tastes in designers are determined by the season, and she uses the art of feng shui to develop her closet. Pearl Lam has no qualms about admitting she is superstitious and thinks she inherits that from being Chinese. So, while her purple- coiffure will still stay prominent, one can expect to see more green this year in her wardrobe. 

How does Pearl Lam, AFemale Icon AndEntrepreneur, View The World?
This Chinese-born, Western-educated lady sees the world differently than most gallerists in the world. She doesn’t see fashion brands as the sole runway item, but rather the collaboration between artists and the brands. According to Pearl Lam, it is the future, and no longer is it frowned upon when artists collaborate with top-level fashion brands; instead, it is something talked about. 

Art and fashion now go hand-in-hand, and that’s the future. According to the international gallerist, art can be the biggest disruptor and a platform to build new conversations. She is proving it as the podcast host of the Pearl Lam Podcast. Pearl Lam is a maverick and a force to reckon with.