Death is inevitable, and losing a loved one can be an overwhelming and emotional experience. Though their presence might be lost, we want to keep their memory alive. One way to remember them is through creating a memorial with their ashes. But, have you heard of turning ashes into diamonds? In this article, we will explore the process of creating ashes to diamonds and the benefits of having a memorial diamond.

Ashes to diamond is an artificial diamond created from the carbon extracted from human ashes. The process of creating diamonds is not new; they have long been created in laboratories. What is new, though, is turning ashes into diamonds as a way of memorializing our loved ones. To produce ash to diamond, carbon is extracted from the ashes and painstakingly purified. The extraction process is then followed by high-pressure High-Temperature (HPHT) procedure. Afterward, the carbon is subjected to a pressurized environment of 600,000 PSI, mimicking the natural geological conditions that create diamonds. The heat and pressure initiate a crystallization process, wherein carbon atoms arrange themselves in a diamond’s crystal structure. It’s an entirely scientific procedure that results in a remarkable, personal memorial that can be cherished forever.

The process of turning ashes into diamonds excited many people. One of the significant reasons is the emotional connection to their loved one, and diamonds are a symbol of love that last forever. The resulting diamond can be made into various shapes, sizes, and colors, making it a very personalized way of expressing someone’s memory. Many people find comfort in having their loved one with them in a tangible form, as ashes scattered in the wind might not be what they want. Ashes don’t last, but diamonds do. It’s a beautiful way to create something that represents their uniqueness and strength for those who have lost their loved ones.

The cost of creating a diamond from ashes is higher than traditional memorial options. The price mostly depends on the size and color of the diamond you desire. Consider the process of turning ashes into diamonds as an emotional investment. A memorial diamond lasts a lifetime, and you can pass it on to the next generations. Diamonds are synonymous with forever, and having a diamond representing a loved one serves not only as a memorial but as a remarkable family treasure that can be passed to generations who will appreciate and learn about the person in question.


The popularity of Ashes to diamonds is growing as more people hear about it. It’s a way of creating something beautiful and forever from the ashes of a loved one, which holds sentimental value. Ashes to diamonds creates a personal and unique way of honoring the loved ones that will forever cherish in the hearts. And while it might cost a bit more in cash, its outcome is priceless. It’s not just any diamond; it’s a memorial and a family treasure that holds deep meaning. Turning ashes into diamonds is a significant investment that pays off in emotional value and serves as an enduring, tangible link to our loved ones who have passed.