Gambling can be an entertaining way to spend your free time or weekends with friends over a few drinks. However, for some, it is an addiction that leads to financial troubles. Compulsive gambling is termed a “silent killer” because its dangers are not always apparent from the start. The signs are often referred to as a desire to play games rather than as a compulsive disorder. 

If you cannot go one day without playing on pgslot machines, chances are you may be a victim of addiction. It is crucial to recognize the signs as soon as possible and start recovery treatment. 

Signs you are addicted to gambling 

  1. You cannot stop. 

The most obvious sign is when you cannot stop. People who gamble for fun know their limits and know when to stop. They play it for fun and do not bother much whether they lose or win. However, compulsive gamblers have a hard time dealing with failure. They cannot accept their losses, so they put in more and more money in the hope of winning. 

  1. You gamble despite the consequences. 

If you are not financially able to use your money for gambling, but you still cannot stop, it is a major red flag. Compulsive gamblers even tend to overlook the fact that their gambling habits are ruining their personal relationships and causing problems in their professional life. They are fully aware of the consequences and still cannot stop. 

  1. You lie about your gambling habits. 

Humans lie when they know they are doing something they should not be doing. If you find yourself constantly lying about where your money went and how you are spending so much money in little time, it is a red flag. Compulsive gamblers even lie to themselves, which is known as cognitive dissonance. Here, the person feels discomfort due to the fact that their actions and beliefs do not align. Therefore, they try to comfort themselves by lying. 

  1. You gamble with money you cannot afford to lose. 

Experienced gamblers set some money aside for gambling and stop playing when they exhaust these funds. Since compulsive gamblers are not able to stop, they keep playing even after losing all of their betting money. They even start to bet money they cannot afford to lose, such as daily living costs, savings, rent money, etc. 

We are not saying gambling is a bad thing. Nevertheless, too much of anything is bad, especially when it becomes an addiction. Healthy gambling can actually be a great way to spend your free time and have fun.