While chances are you can’t pick your neighbors, this does not mean you can’t have a say in your living conditions.

That said are you having any concerns when it comes to any neighbors in particular?

For some, there is that one neighbor that either bothers them or provides them with concerns.

So, what concerns might you have with a neighbor?

Be on the Lookout for Any Issues That Are Not Neighborly

In looking at how you co-exist with your neighbors, you might have some of the following concerns:

  1. Negative run-ins – Have you had one or more negative run-ins with your neighbor? If so, how much of a concern are these? While there can be simple disputes, others can get rather testy. If you have one or more of the latter, have you had to bring authorities in? Your goal should always be to defuse any situations before they get out of control. If you and a neighbor are having run-ins, see if there is a way to put them past the both of you. Often, having a respectful conversation between two adults can smooth things over. You may not end up being the best of friends, but at least you will be cordial towards one another.
  2. Could neighbor have a criminal background? – Do you have concerns your new neighbor may have a criminal background? If so, what step or steps can you take to get to the bottom of it? You might decide to go on the Internet and proceed with an arrest records search. Such a search on Search Quarry or other such sites could lead you to the information you want. Keep in mind that criminal records come in all shapes and sizes. That said if the person has a minor criminal record, you probably have little cause for concern. In the event the individual has an arrest or two and charges with notable crimes, this is reason for concern. While most a second chance, be careful if dealing with someone with a sizable criminal record.
  3. Strange things – Last, does a neighbor do anything you would consider out of the ordinary? An example here would be if they are having people coming and going from their house at all hours of the night. While it could be something simple to explain away, it may also be something of a more serious nature. It may be people arriving at late hours because they do not want the neighbors seeing them come and go. While you can’t be consumed with playing detective 24/7, you should be on the lookout for anything strange. That said let authorities know if you have reason for concern about what your neighbor is up to.

Unless you live far away from others, you are going to have immediate neighbors for a good part of your life.

As a result, doing your best to co-exist with them is typically in your best interests.

If you have concerns with a neighbor, what steps will you take to remedy the situation?