For some people, the idea of going on a cruise adventure sends chills down their spine while for others, it’s a thrilling idea which they are always ready to take on. At some point in life, you may have to plan a cruise trip either for vacation, a getaway trip or even a corporate meeting and thus, you need to be ready for such an occasion.

Irrespective of how you feel about cruising, when planning the cruising trip, you need to know the different factors that you should consider. This includes:

  • The Destination.

Cruising can be a thrilling adventure if only the destination is fascinating. Therefore, when choosing the destination, consider what different areas have to offer. What you will be able to see, hear and enjoy depending on what you or your group enjoy. This destination should also have the best view from the ocean so that you don’t end up regretting choosing the means.

Choosing countries that have been in the tourism and cruising business for a long time, for example, Indonesia, is a good idea since these destinations have proven to offer high quality cruising services.

  • Quality of the rooms and other amenities.

A cruising trip is likely to take more than one day. You will thus have to sleep and spend much of your time on the ship. This means that the quality of the rooms you get and the state of the amenities will determine how well you enjoy your stay.

In case there are children or even disabled persons in your group, ensure that the ships have adequate amenities to facilitate their comfort during the journey. Otherwise, you may end up disadvantaging some people who will accompany you.

  • Onboard facilities.

Imagine staying on a ship for three days on a cruise ship and all you can do is sit in your room and wait for the arrival as there are no facilities onboard the ship. This will easily make you sea-sick! Modern ships today have swimming pools, clubs, kids’ playground, and even spas to enable the guests enjoy their voyage.

For vacation cruises, some ships have snorkeling gears, scuba diving and even stand up paddle walk for the guests. You should, therefore, know what activities are offered at your cruise ship and whether you and your group will enjoy them.

  • Budget.

Budgeting is the most essential part of any journey. Whether you are going for a short journey or a month’s cruise, you need to account for every penny you will spend. Ensure that you scout for the best deals offered by different ships before setting on one. You should also study the price fluctuations of the ships during different seasons and thus choose one that suits your budget.

Budgeting will help you stay within your salary limits and avoid debts. However, you shouldn’t be afraid to spend a little extra to get better quality services during the journey.

  • Read the reviews.

The quote “Every rumor has some truth in it” is very useful in such a circumstance. The reviews given by different passengers about the quality of service on a certain cruise ship should give you an idea on the quality of the food, the rooms, facilities, and the staff.  If the majority of the reviews are bad, then it’s probably not the best idea choosing that ship.

However, do not judge the ship based on a few bad reviews since what another person dislikes you may actually enjoy, therefore do more research.  Peoples Favorite Ayana komodo cruise in Indonesia is a good example of a cruise with good reviews.


Before choosing a cruise ship, or a cruise company, these factors and others such as the timing, entertainment, and even dress code should be given much thought. When carefully observed, you can be assured of a fun and enjoyable cruise.