Before you even think about how you can avoid rogue casinos, the first thing to do should be trying to identify how rogue online casinos look. Many punters have always felt like an online casino is cheating them because they have never won while playing. One thing that you should know about online casinos is that they are always built with a house edge of some sort. This is because no casino operator would wish to start a business if they are to lose all the time. When people play slot machines online, they are always playing at a faster rate. This makes most of them feel like they are losing more than normal. Whether an online casino is scamming you or not, you can easily tell. Here are some of the ways through which one can tell if an online casino is scamming them or not

Bad software

You can easily tell that an online casino is camming you through realizing that the software they are using is bad. Bad software is the least of many players’ concerns these days but it was very common during those days that the only way to play slots was through land-based casinos. Some operators made sure that the slot machines and the software worked in their favor. Today, gambling software is being tested and regulated by a third party. This is done to ensure fairness when playing online casino. For the best software joker123.

False advertising

Every gambler will be enticed especially after seeing an offer that is too good to be true. There are websites or online casinos that offer massive bonuses and gaming promotions. You might be lured into going to the casino but before you can do it, make check when the website or the casino was started. If it is just a casino that is starting up, pack your research material, and move to the next online casino. Websites that you haven’t heard of before will always be the ones behind false advertisements. They can do all they can to gain your trust for the sake of stealing from you.

Slow payouts

Slow payouts are also a sign that slot machines are rogue. Indeed, there will always be a tag time associated with an online casino but the truth remains, there are websites who will take advantage of that to hide the truth of them being slow in making their payments. Sometimes, the website might be slow so that you can reverse your request and decide to play some more. It is just like a trick that many providers use in tricking players.

No payments of winnings

This is also another sign that you are dealing with a rogue casino. It is better a casino that delays your payment than a casino that does not bother to pay at all. To avoid such, you should consider making a smaller deposit and trying to withdraw it on joker123.