There was a time when travelling used to be a hobby, but with the expansion of globalization the act of travelling has become much more expansive than before, and now it has become a matter of passion, and thus all the families in their vacations always travel to someplace abroad and this in a way have increased the global trade as well because tourism is one of the major ways by which trade and globalization expands itself. 

Since the last decade, Bangkok has become one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world. Bangkok is famous for their beach, their supreme transportation systems and moreover Bangkok is famous for their five star hotels, and when it comes to the topic of five-star hotels then you have to find the best amongst the best in Bangkok, and if you do your research you will find only one name in this arena and that is the Berkeley Hotel in Pratunam.

Berkeley Hotel, Pratunam, the best five-star hotel

Berkeley hotels are a chain of five-star hotels expanded over the world with branches in almost every major tourist destination cities and one of them is the Berkeley in Pratunam, Bangkok. They are amongst the best in Pratunam hotels as they provide their customers with a varied range of rooms like premiere family rooms, premiere triplet room, quadruple luxury suites, etc. Not only the rooms are great and provided with a lot of services like free WiFi, tv, slippers, air-conditioners, etc. 

But they also provide their customers with complimentary buffets, and they also have multi-cuisine chefs and restaurants for the convenience of the customers as a whole. You can actually judge the level of service they provide by only looking into their awards list like  TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 2018,Agoda Gold Circle Award Winner 2013- 2018,Agoda 2018 Customer Review Awards,Thailand MICE Venue Standard Awards (2016 – 2018) ABOUT TCEB, Thailand Tatler’s Thailand Best Restaurant 2015: The Mulberry Multi-Cuisine Restaurant etc. Thus if you are in Pratunam Bangkok then do visit the Berkeley hotel fir greater experience.