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This is a movie that will grab your attention right from the very start, and you will be invested until the very end. Aame is about a young woman named Kamini. Kamini is a young woman with a strong identity and beliefs, who wakes up alone after a wild night of partying with no clothes or memory of what happened the night before. She is forced to fend for herself to escape the locked abandoned office that she wakes up in, and the movie follows her struggles afterward. But I won’t describe too much of what happens, and I won’t spoil the ending; this is a movie that you need to see for yourself. You won’t regret it. Aame has also received positive reviews from several publications, who praised its story and message. And the way Kamini faces her problems will make you go about your life with renewed enthusiasm; this is a movie with a very positive note and storyline. If you are ever looking for an uplifting film to watch in Aha, you should look no further than this one. It is sure to make you more enthusiastic about your work and everyday life and even watch this movie in aha video.