In America, a lot of accidents happen with dryers due to the fire hazard caused by lint accumulation in dryers. The only way to avoid this issue is by cleaning the dryer properly after a fixed interval of time. If you don’t have enough technical knowledge as to how would you clean a dryer, you can contact one of the various professional services that offer, dryer repair Los Angeles. It is better to contact professionals as they can give you the best advice related to any issue that you might be facing with your dryer.

What are lint accumulation and what issues it can cause?

Over the period of time as you keep on using the dryer, lint from your clothes gets accumulated in the lint bag present in the dryer. In worst cases, this lint can also jam the vents and pipes in the dryers. This will decrease the efficiency of your dryers and will also cause issues like overheating. It can also make the dryer stop working in extreme cases. The lint accumulation can be extremely dangerous irrespective of the type of dryer that you use as when the lint dries off, it becomes highly combustible and can easily catch fire due to the heat of the dryer.

How to clean the lint accumulation properly?

The following is a step by step guide to help you clear off all the lint accumulation from your dryer-

  • Unplug the dryer from the socket and make sure that there are no clothes inside.
  • Now disconnect all the hoses and clean them properly by using a tube that fits them. Now use a brush to clear off the remaining lint in them and discard it all properly.
  • Clean the lint filter and the area surrounding it in similar manner.
  • Use long handled brushes to reach the areas where your hands cannot reach directly.
  • Now connect all the hoses and connections that you have disconnected earlier and your work is done.