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If you are the proprietor of your company or the manager of its operations, each day brings with it a significant number of challenges and responsibilities. We are of the opinion that purchasing floor mats for your entryways should be at the top of your list of priorities, even though this is usually not the case. The use of entrance mats is unquestionably a prudent choice from a purely practical standpoint for five reasons that follow:

1. Communication exposure Customers will see your company’s logo or message repeatedly if you have personalized floor mats for entryways. These mats are placed in front of customers as soon as they enter your business. 64 percent of people who shop in retail stores halt for a moment and pay attention to the information that is presented on the floor mats that are immediately beneath their feet. The simple presence of your message has the potential to make a big difference.

2. Enhance sales. The additional exposure you receive can have a big impact on the sales of your firm, in addition to assisting you in gaining a greater degree of name recognition, and it can do so at a lower cost than other marketing or advertising campaigns. When it comes to promotional floor mats, the typical cost per impression is one-hundredth of a cent. Retail establishments that use personalized floor mats see an average 13 percent increase in their annual sales as a result!

3. Cheaper than the cost of renting an equivalent property Some business owners are under the impression that renting generic floor mats rather than purchasing their own is the more cost-effective course of action. 

4. Maintain a clean floor. Entrance rugs make it easier for you to keep your place of business looking tidy and appealing to the eye, while also helping to ensure that newcomers have a positive first impression of your establishment. If you position your branded mats at each door, the flooring and carpeting of your business will not become soiled with dirt, debris, or water. Instead, they will remain clean and tidy at all times. Your business will not only have a better appearance as a result of this, but it will also experience real and measurable cost reductions.

5. Make the security measures stronger. Even if purchasing entry mats for the goal of enhancing safety may not be the most exciting choice, it is undeniably important. Because of the personalized nature of our mats, the risk of an employee or customer sustaining an injury as a result of slipping and falling on your flooring is significantly reduced. There is a tremendous potential for financial gain through cost reductions and reduced danger. One million people are taken to the hospital every year as a result of slip and fall accidents, and these accidents account for 85 percent of all workers’ compensation claims. You might be able to reduce your level of obligation if you get personalized entry mats.

You are on the cusp of uncovering the unique design and style options available to you for your personalized entrance mats, and there are just a few more steps standing in your way. Visit our website if you are interested in learning more about the plethora of options that are available for your new set of floor mats.